Wilma is queen of the Nook, who looks down on all her underlings, when she isn't playing with paper

Jessica Ware. She is from Estill Springs, TN. She teaches math and science at the Knowledge Nook. Jessica loves playing disc golf and hiking. She also does lots of puzzles and loves to sew.

Our Staff

Welcome to The Knowledge Nook!

Betty was the Nook's on staff veiled chameleon. She's was with the Nook since the beginning. Sadly, Betty recently became one with the Force. She would have wanted us to remember the wise words of Yoda. "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." Betty will be succeeed as on staff chameleon by AJ. 

Summer camps 2019 are here! Call, text, or email Joy or message us on Facebook to register. Spaces are limited so hurry to claim your spot!

Call, Text, or Email Joy at 931-205-3529 or joysnead68@gmail.com and Message us on Facebook at The Knowledge Nook to schedule a session.

Avery Wert was one of Joy's students, first at the School of the Good Shepherd and then at the Knowledge Nook. Now, she helps with tutoring and art lessons. 

Our goal is simple: To create learning success stories, one student at a time.

Since we opened our doors in 2015, the Knowledge Nook has been helping students fulfill their potential. We do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand with the student’s classroom teachers for the most efficient learning.

Joy Snead, Owner / Operator, Opened the Knowledge Nook in May of 2015. She brings over 20 years of experience teaching at Sewanee Children;s Center and the School of the Good Shepherd.

"He who works with his hands is a laborer
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman
He who works with his hands, his head, and his heart, is an artist"
-St. Francis of Assisi


Tent Sale! Saturday, June 22nd,In front of the Nook, 10-4

Starting in July:

  • 2nd Friday of the Month (July 12th) Teen Night
    Teens invited to Nook for animal art inspired by Charlie Harper
  • Weekly Art Classes
    All classes are open to adults, from 5-6 at the Knowledge Nook.
    • Tuesday: Art Journaling
    • Wednesday: Acrylic Painting
    • Thursday: Art as Therapy