Marie Antoinette, 16"x20", $125.00

Celestial Connection, 22"x28", $150.00

Purple Chameleon Art

The Birdie Bunch, 10"x10", $20.00

Juliet and her Romeo, 8 small canvases mounted on a larger one, 11"x14", $45.00

Baby Raffe, 11"x14", $45.00

Once Upon a Time, 11"x14", $45.00

Six Impossible Things, 18"x24", $75.00

Janis, 22"x22", $150.00

Frog Prince, 11"x14", $35.00

Wild Hare, Canvas on wood with 3D elements, 17"x27", $150.00

Cymopoleia, 15"x30", $85.00

Hansel and Gretel, 24"x30", $150.00

Goldilocks and the Three Bears, 22"x28", $150.00